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Do you want to learn about personal safety and protection? Do you need firearm instruction or familiarizing yourself with a new firearm?

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Just completed Basic 101 with K Robinson at the Bunnell Range. ONG it was exactly what I needed. She is an awesome instructor. She could see right away what I needed to work on as well as help me correct the issues. I definitely recommend her has an instructor. She is a natural educator.

FYI: I have my Doctorate in Education. I have taught and evaluated educators at every level. She is very knowledgeable and I look forward to taking another class that she may offers.

(S.A./Facebook AGAG, 10/9/2021)

My husband, son and I took our first class with Kathleen at Shelby Safe Training. Being a novice, I was a bit nervous and had a lot to learn, but her patient, calm, positive manner had all of us feeling comfortable immediately. We had a lot of fun, learned more than I anticipated, and have a developed a great deal of respect and admiration for Kathleen. Being skilled and knowledgeable on a topic is one thing, teaching it to others is an entirely separate set of skills and not all of us can combine both successfully. She nailed it! Thanks Kathleen! (E.S./Facebook, 8/13/2020)

I completed the CCW Safety Course with Kathleen on 7/10. The course was super informative and Kathleen is an excellent instructor. She gives clear information and instruction in a really easy to digest manner. She is so knowledgeable and was so helpful, especially on the range. I can't recommend this training enough, it was such a good experience!  (J. Everetts, 7/13/2020)

Oh my goodness! What an awesome class on Friday with Kathleen Robinson! She the most professional but fun instructor I’ve had in a while. ! I’m so proud now.. every woman needs to take this coarse! Not only fun, but you’ll feel so safe and informed ! A shout out to my classmate ladies, ❤️❤️❤️. I love you all!  (G. Tigner, 6/27/2020)

Yesterday, I attended a gun safety class held by Kathleen Robinson of Shelby-Safe Training. Kathleen is a knowledgeable and passionate instructor, willing and able to address individual needs and challenges. This class was for women only.  I feel much more confident safely handling a variety of firearms. We shot a 22, 380 and a 9mm which really packed a wallop! The range is not far from home so practice will be easy! In class, I hit 2 bulls-eyes with the 22 and 3 with the 380! I look forward to applying for my permit on Monday.  (P. Pape, 6/27/2020)

I highly recommend Shelby Safe Training. They are very professional and I feel the training was well above the money spent. I learned a lot of things I didn't know before. Thank you.  S. Martinez, 6/5/2020)

We had an amazing CCW class! Thank you, Kathleen Robinson.... you're the best!  (L. Brown, 7/4/2020)

Kathleen Robinson, Shelby-Safe Training, is an awesome instructor!!! Knowledgeable, patient, informative, interesting, and fun! Thanks for a great CCW class & range practice! Highly recommend this class, Kathleen, & Shelby-Safe Training!  (S. Murphy, 7/2020)


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