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NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

NRA Certified Instructor:

       Home Firearm Safety
       Basic Pistol


       Personal Protection Inside the Home

       Refuse To Be A Victim

USCCA Certified Instructor:

       Concealed Carry Home Defense Fundamentals

       Children's Firearms & Safety Fundamentals

       Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals

A Girl and A Gun Flagler Chapter Facilitator


Shelby-safe.  The Shelby name has such a history for me.  My maternal grandfather, Daniel, was a fisherman, hunter and game warden.  It has been such a strong name that held our family together through the many generations in Kentucky.  In honor of that name, and in loving memory of my mother, Juanita Shelby Marshall, who married a soldier, who later became a police officer, I started Shelby-Safe.  

As a policeman's daughter, we've had guns in our home since I was born, but it wasn't until I was at the age of 18, that I learned to shoot my first rifle and shotgun.  Many (many) years later, after many moves and transfers, and finally to Florida, I purchased my own handgun for personal carry.  After receiving training and instruction through various courses, and completing well-established instructor courses from the NRA and the USCCA,  I felt led to encourage and inspire others to take a hold of their own safety and well-being.

And this is where we are today ~~ expanding to share my passion for helping other men and women to  stay safe. Sometimes that's aided by teaching about purchasing and learning how to use a gun or other safety device.  At all times, it's teaching about being aware of your surroundings, what we call situational awareness, and knowing what to do if you're put in a position you don't want to be in.  

Knowledge is power and half the battle.  Shelby-Safe (Safety For Everyone)

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